The FoodShowcase Initiative: The FoodShowcase initiative is a business campaign from NMS designed to leverage NMS technologies, know-how and marketing experiences to support global agricultural trade. Our mission is to create jobs, grow economies and enable prosperity. We utilize our data-driven, marketing-based internet platform to promote, engage and connect suppliers and buyers more efficiently. Our goal is to contribute to the success of the Global Agricultural community and we want to help companies, particularly SMEs, find new markets, sell more product and support community well-being, security, fair trade and sustainability.

For the past fifteen (15) years our primary focus has been to work with Foreign Trade Ministries, and their overseas offices, to enable and facilitate the export of agricultural products worldwide. As consultants to the USDA/FAS and Foreign Trade Ministries, we support the trade development initiatives of Government, NGO, Consultant, Non-Profit, State Department of Agriculture, Trade Association, Producer and Field offices worldwide. Through our efforts, we have developed a unique knowledge of the agricultural trade industry and have created the tools and the systems to effectively leverage field resources to promote and connect buyers with suppliers worldwide.

We are currently looking to provide our services to organizations involved in global value chain management so we may assist in the effort to eradicate poverty and promote prosperity and security. Should you have any questions about our services, our FoodShowcase initiatives, or how we may support your needs, Email Us to Initiate a Dialogue.

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