Founded in 1995, our mission is to develop innovative, internet-based marketing platforms and custom promotional solutions that produce measurable opportunity results for our clients. Our experiences extend to the development of managed portals and private-labeled solutions including: Database Management Systems, Member Management Systems, e-Commerce Systems and Virtual Communities. Our professionals work to ensure the reliability and success of each engagement and we maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Our Global Agricultural Promotion, Marketing and Trade Initiatives:

FoodShowcase USA

"Promoting and Connecting USA Exporters with Buyers World Wide"!

FoodShowcase Global

"Promoting and Connecting Global Exporters with USA Buyers"!

For the past twelve (12) years our primary focus has been to enable the export of USA Agricultural products worldwide. As consultants to the USDA/FAS for nine (9) years, we worked to support the trade development initiatives of the U.S. Government, State Departments of Agriculture, Trade Associations, USA producers and 65 USA Embassy offices worldwide. Throughout the process, we developed a unique knowledge of the industry, established the necessary relationships and created the tools and the systems to effectively "promote and connect USA suppliers with buyers worldwide". FoodShowcase USA (promoting USA suppliers and USA organizations to Foreign Buyers) is the first commercial expression of our passion to support U.S. Agricultural exports. FoodShowcase Global (for global suppliers) is a project designed to support the promotion and sale of unique, global products into the USA.

To all interested parties, we invite you to experience FoodShowcase USA and FoodShowcase Global. Should you have any questions and would like to ask us about our FoodShowcase initiatives, Email to learn more.

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